And Here I Am…

…Thinking why I’m heading into financial planning at a time when every-bloody-body is tightening their belts.

I mean, of course I still believe no matter what, one should always know how to protect the wealth that you made and the health that you neglect (and the loved ones who might be glad).

Anyhow, I’m a little behind time for my test. Their test is set like Basic Theory for your driving test. All the answers are so similar and you must be absolutely sure which is the correct one, even it seems all are true.


Hello to all the good people still checking out this dusty and cobweb-infested webpage.

I have been busy with doing a temp job selling Sony Vaio (for 2 weeks), and taking and studying for my CMFAS. The temp job, although I haven’t received a single cent yet for my work, it helped keep me busy for the time being before I’m eligible for financial planning. Hence, the money will go to fund the exams (note: no more allowances from SAF and my bank got barren).

The exams are still on-going and it’s quite a bit to study and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll make up some time to finish the designs and transfer of this blog to its new place. I have all my relevant resources saved in my bookmarks and all I need is a proper week free of commitments to attend to all the personal trivials.

So, that’s basically what I’ve been up to. Hope you people are all doing fine. :)

Are We There Yet

This has been a really long journey. The times in green will always be a part that I will remember. Yes, remember I will, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to holding adherely close to heart. Well, in all fairness, I am someone who likes to contribute constructively – I hate wasting time. Therefore, I am also someone who demands a lot from his superiors, and when his superiors can be younger than him with lesser maturity and sensitivity (not hypothetical, unfortunately), or older people who are there just to pass the time aimlessly, I can get pretty impatient and uninterested altogether. I’m sorry but I can’t help it.

So, officially this Friday will be my last and on Monday I’ll get to see my pink IC once again. After shedding the green outfit, before I’m called upon to do it again, I’ll document some of my thoughts on it and share with you guys some of my plans for the immediate future. So once again, watch this space.

Hi, Can You Also Help Me Spend My Money, Eat My Food, Sleep, etc.

I saw something really peculiar today. It’s not “wow” peculiar, but more like “weird” peculiar.

As you all know, today’s the first day of the traditional Chinese festival where many believed that the spirits of the resting-in-peace make a trip back down (or up for most) to visit us earthlings, probably getting familiar with those whom will be joining them in the future.

One of the things we can do for them is to prepare a feast and burn incensed paper and joss sticks as a form of respect. So, what really intrigued me, in a mildly-disturbing kinda way, was that I saw a clique of maids, and definitely foreign ones, gathering around the designated bin to dump the incensed papers as they were tasked to.

Wow, so what now? We can outsource anything nowadays huh? Including “paying of respect” and “remembering your loved ones”? I mean, there are many things we can have other people do for us, if we have the reasons and the means to, in this case, but things like your own tradition and your own ancestors?

What has the Singaporean world come to? So what’s next? Fuck my wife/husband for me? What the hell.

I’m Old

I just realised that come September, I would have been blogging for 4 years! I certainly don’t feel that it’s been so long. Maybe because of the consistency, or the lack of, but I feel it’s like yesterday I just entered my first post and like I just got to know Blinkymummy (and then Adrian). And it also just dawned on me that this September holds a lot of significance: ORD + my gf’s birthday and now, my 4th year into blogging (in order of how crucial it is to me ;) ).

(Baby if you’re reading this please know that I still love you!)

Anyhow something freaky just happened last week. I lost my key and I couldn’t find it anywhere and after asking around, I sadly concluded that nobody was holding on to it.

Then there was this incident where both me and my bunkmate (we’re staying in 2-men bunk) were not in the room and when I went back the room was locked – with his key still inside! So because my key was gone and he didn’t have his, how could the bunk have been locked?!

And it happened twice!

The 3rd time was the creepiest of all. We went for breakfast and when we returned, our bunk was opened and the lights were on and my key was on my pillow. How is that motherfucking possible?

I want to believe it’s a prank, and I believe it is. And I’m gonna get so pissed because they all know I’m up for pranks and stuffs like that cos I do that ALL THE TIME, but we always do that with sense. Opening my bunk when not a single soul was around to look after the stuffs is plain stupid and inconsiderate.

Rest, Look, Go

It’s unbelievable. 22 months ago I brought my heavy bag, and along with a heart weighing ten times more, to the dreaded Pasir Ris place where we’re all herded into the lok kok bus that took us to the Ferry Terminal.

I came to a place where I spent 3 crazy months and didn’t actually had this “bond” which everyone relishes of their BMT in Pulau Tekong. To be honest, I felt at home, at ease and definitely much happier in my unit (read: where you’re posted to after your Basic Military Training). However, that’s another story for another day.

Counting down to the fateful day, 6th Sept, it’s ironically slower when it’s actually getting nearer. I felt that time passed significantly quicker when it passed the halfway-mark. Now that when I only have 2 months left, it crawls at a snail’s pace. Believe me, it’s true, and proven.

Maybe because of the anticipation, with a whole lot of eagerness that’s affecting my sense of time, mentally and biologically.

You really can’t blame me for feeling this way can you? There’s tons of stuffs I’m waiting to do after I ORD – going back to study, getting a temporary job to save up for that, looking up and keeping tabs for both (which I’m already into that, in fact quite a while ago), spending more time actually on myself (spiritually and physically), paying more attention to what’s actually happening to the world on a smaller scale, blogging, reading, revamp the room a little, etc. There’s just so many just to list a few.

If anyone of you knows me personally or have been reading this little space long enough (and actually understand why), I have a little bit of backlog of my life to catch up and work on.

Studying, and making sure I do it well while doing it because I like it, landing a decent job after that etc. – they all matter a lot at this point of time for me. More so now, if I must say. I’m not young anymore to be exact. I’m mature but I screw things up at times, but I’m here to make changes for myself.

Just for the record, I actually love learning and am not adverse to that, but I can be pretty stubborn (and at all cost, even if it comes heftily) when something is forced down my throat. I mean, as a guy, genetically I’m programmed to hate anything down my throat forcibly, if you know what I mean.

Well, if anything, my somewhat little setback in poly only made me yearn even more to get that record straight. It’s like knowing you didn’t do something well enough and you just can’t live with not fixing it. Sure, I most probably won’t be going back to poly – 3 years isn’t short, but there are alternatives which I am gonna go for. I’m still fixing it.

Hell, even if it’s not for myself, it’s gonna be for my gf. She’s a few years older and if we are going to commit, I guess it’s not surprising or out of place to say I am a little behind time, is it? I can’t imagine when I’m like 30 and I’m just 2-3 years into my career and I can’t even convince myself to promise her anything. I want the best for her and the both of us.

I know she doesn’t mind but I have my goals and the principles to achieve them. Maybe that’s the way I always am – living on the edge, hanging by the cliff. I’m just fan4 jian4 I guess. Haha.

Anyhow, I know I haven’t been posting often, and like I have always said, I miss you guys (as of all my friends and you guys know who you are), do check back once in a while, although recently it has been disappointing with the lack of updates. I want to complete this journey with you.

In fact, I really do see myself blogging decades more. So if you are interested to hear about my wedding (not like it’s anytime soon), see my first child and how he/she has grown, what I’m doing at work, how I’m planning on my retirement, what school my kids are attending, whether they are good kids… stay with me. :)

Also, shifting of this place hasn’t been going on of late. Therefore, seeing this site disappear won’t be anytime soon. Take care, y’all.

I Am Right Here Still Alive

Of course besides loving my gf and feeling grateful for her existence, my friends and loved ones and my health (totally forgetting the harm I’m doing to my lungs with the smokes), there’s also John Terry missing the final spotkick in the Champions League finals, which is one of the stuffs that keeps me very happy.

Lovely. I’m sure this euphoria is stronger, higher and more significant than the birth of your first child, doing Elizabeth Hurley, and getting married.

To people who are concerned and gives a hoot, I am currently training for my SOC and the Army Half Marathon, which is in June and August respectively, preparing for a local exercise, fretting over a new PC, retrieving lost data and thinking of my medical appointment on Tuesday.

Oh, did I mention? I was referred to NUH for a further scan on my kidneys because the doctor in my camp couldn’t tell whether they were stones (size of little dots/specks) or my stool (wtf). Therefore I went to give my urine sample and a ultra-scan roughly a week ago.

The ultra-scan is actually the same that is used on expectants to see whether they’re having a boy or a girl and with a weird, and may I say, an inappropriate (just kidding), sense of humour, the doctor exclaimed “congratulations, it’s your kidney!”. I’d rather he not tell me it’s gonna be cold because I have no time to prepare and it really felt cold with the gel and all.

So anyway, he couldn’t tell also whether there were stones (again) because unless it’s big enough or it could be in other parts of my body. Horror. Hence, another appointment was scheduled for my blood test and a more precise imaging to be performed. But of course, there’s a chance that there are no stones at all lah.

This imaging is called the IVU and it works by having dye inserted into your body via blood and it’s said to be able to contrast the stones and the black and white picture of your body. Hmm, doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s for my health and a peace of mind.

So many things happening sometimes I think routine and monotony might not seem really bad.

Anyway, anybody knows what’s the font used here in the draft of your wp-admin? Not the font on my page but you know, in your draft?


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